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People are often surprised to learn how much work goes into designing even the simplest objects in ships and boats, such as the beds and toilets. We have to design for all of the forces of the sea as well as corrosion from the sea water for outdoors objects. There is something really special about designing some equipment that can withstand all sorts of issues. This blog explains the design and manufacturing that goes into make marine grade items. It will be great for anyone who is passionate about the sea as well as students of industrial design and manufacturing.

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Safety Equipment Your Manufacturing Plant Needs For Sandblasters

There are many manufacturing companies that are moving their sandblasting needs to an in-house rather than third-party position. If your business is one of them, you may be new to what safety equipment you need for your sandblasting crew. Providing equipment to your workers gives the benefit of knowing all the workers have what they need and that the quality standard is the same for each unit of equipment. Here are just a few of the main safety equipment pieces you should be offering for your sandblasting contractors and why. 

Face And Eye Shields

One of the first pieces of equipment you should offer for your sandblasting crew are face and eye shields. With a heavy abrasive such as sand, the dust and debris can cause damage to your eyes and to your skin. It can cause small abrasions on your retina and to your face. These small abrasions can open the way for bacteria and further injuries including the loss of sight. With the proper face and eye shields you can reduce the chances of workplace injury for your crew and ensure they are protected from the debris in their area and surrounding areas. 

Blast Suit Kits

Blast suit kits are designed to cover the entire body including the hands and even feet. WIth the large amount of debris that can enter the air from sandblasting, covering your body is vital. You will want to make sure you are offering a kit instead of individual pieces. The reason for this is to ensure that the suit can attach or overlap with the gloves and with the leg coverings easily. You do not want a chance of the sand debris to reach the skin or to be caught between the clothing and skin where irritation can be caused. 

Hearing Protection

One thing that can be said for the sandblasting work area, regardless of the size, is how loud it can be. When you have a crew of sandblasting contractors, this noise level only becomes louder and more damaging to your ears. For this reason, you need to ensure your crew has the proper ear protection. Standard ear plugs may not work. You will want to make sure the ear protection you offer is for industrial use and that it meets the requirements for sandblasting and other similar applications. 

This is just a small samping of the safety equipment your sandblasting contractors need. By making this available you can make sure your contractors are safe with a reduced chance of injury during their shift. Keep in mind you can offer these pieces of equipment as part of a uniform package or as a requirement from a local safety equipment service provider.