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Learning about industrial marine design

People are often surprised to learn how much work goes into designing even the simplest objects in ships and boats, such as the beds and toilets. We have to design for all of the forces of the sea as well as corrosion from the sea water for outdoors objects. There is something really special about designing some equipment that can withstand all sorts of issues. This blog explains the design and manufacturing that goes into make marine grade items. It will be great for anyone who is passionate about the sea as well as students of industrial design and manufacturing.

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Protective Garden Nets

There are different types of nets that can protect your garden from invading animals. Read on to learn more about two different varieties of nets.

Bird nets

Bird nets are used to stop birds and other pests from attacking your vegetables, fruit trees or herb gardens. When you work hard to set up a small vegetable or herb garden, you are always hopeful that the fruits of your labor will be sweet. It may not be the case if birds come and eat all that you planted and destroy your crop. It is important that as you plan to plant your vegetables, you should consider investing in bird nets to ensure that you enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Good bird nets are made from a durable and strong material which cannot rot. These bird nets are of good quality because they cannot rot and therefore can be utilised for many years to protect your garden from birds who wish to eat all your vegetables. Good quality bird nets are strong and durable to ensure that even if birds may try to get to your garden they are not able to do so. Bird nets have various features which include:

  • The ability to reuse them for many years due to their strength, durability and inability to rot.
  • They are pre-packed in a convenient size which helps you carry and setup easily.
  • The yarn knitting in bird nets is 100% UV stabilised to ensure that maximum strength is guaranteed.
  • Bird nets also come in various sizes so that you are able to choose the best fit for you in stopping small or large birds from invading your garden.

Cat nets

Cat nets are useful in keeping cats within specific enclosures. Cat nets help you keep your cat in a specified area to avoid issues such as them running off. There are various cat net products available and they include:

  • Freestanding enclosures which are portable.
  • Cat netting by the metre with no minimum quantity.
  • Cat netting available in bulk rolls.
  • Do it yourself (DIY) installation accessories for cat nets such as clips, zippers and fasteners.

The benefits of having cat nets for your cat are:

  • They are very affordable.
  • They are very easy to work with and versatile.
  • They have been UV tested to last for many years.
  • The high quality knitting ensures that cat nets will last a long time and are strong.
  • Some of the nettings such as the low-vis netting once installed is not easily noticeable.

Cat nets will help you manage where your cat is so that you may be able to know where it is at all times.