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People are often surprised to learn how much work goes into designing even the simplest objects in ships and boats, such as the beds and toilets. We have to design for all of the forces of the sea as well as corrosion from the sea water for outdoors objects. There is something really special about designing some equipment that can withstand all sorts of issues. This blog explains the design and manufacturing that goes into make marine grade items. It will be great for anyone who is passionate about the sea as well as students of industrial design and manufacturing.

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Stripped Down: Choosing The Best PVC Strip Curtains For A Cold Storage Facility

PVC strip curtains are important pieces of equipment for a wide variety of industries, and are particularly widely used in cold storage facilities and refrigerated warehouses. These simple devices are tremendously efficient heat insulators when installed correctly, helping to keep your cold storage rooms cold and lessening the burden placed on air conditioners and other cooling devices. They are also very useful for reducing ambient noise levels, and provide easier, faster access to cold storage rooms than conventional insulated doors.

However, not every PVC strip curtain is the same, and choosing the right type of curtain for the specific needs of a cold storage facility is vital if you truly want to get the most out of them. When purchasing new curtains for a storage facility, make sure to keep the following factors in mind:

What colour should the strip curtain be?

Choosing the colour of your PVC strip curtain may seem like a purely aesthetic concern, but choosing the wrong colour can affect the efficiency of your cold storage facilities in surprising ways. For example, strip curtains that separate cold storage rooms from outdoor areas should be purchased in black or other dark colours, to prevent sunlight from heating the room and forcing air conditioners and chillers to work harder.

On the other hand, strip curtains covering frequently-used access points are often transparent, to allow extra visibility when using the curtain and preventing collisions with other employees using the curtain (a particularly pressing concern for cold storage facilities operating forklifts and other dangerous lifting equipment). Brighter colours such as red and blue are also available, and are useful for colour coding entrances to multiple cold storage rooms.

How far should the strips overlap?

The individual strips of a PVC strip curtain are designed to overlap, creating a rudimentary seal against warm air and contaminants that is nonetheless easily traversed. Different strip curtains are installed with differing degrees of strip overlapping, and are useful for different purposes.

Most PVC strip curtains are sold with either 50% or 100% overlapping, depending on their intended use. 50% overlaps provide slightly less heat insulation, but are also somewhat easier and faster to pass through, making them well-suited for heavily used access points leading to indoor areas. Strip curtains that lead to outdoor areas should have a 100% strip overlap to provide extra insulation against warm air

Should I chose strip curtains with sliding tracks?

Some PVC strip curtains are installed on horizontal sliding tracks, very similar to the curtain rails used by conventional curtains. These tracks allow strip curtains to be moved to the sides of the entrance, keeping the strips firmly out of the way during particularly busy periods.

These sliding strip curtains can be a useful time saver if your cold storage business experiences periods of high demand, and can be moved out o the way easily to provide quicker access for workers and forklifts during peak periods. However, they are slightly more expensive and difficult to maintain than non-sliding strip curtains, and should not be installed on doorways leading to outdoor areas to prevent excessive heat exchange.